Instructor Solutions to the Homework Problems

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1A How much did that really cost? HW1 01A0soln.txt 01A0soln.c
1B Newton's Method   01B0soln.txt 01B0soln.c
1C Mystery Algorithm (Extra Credit)   01C0soln.txt 01C0soln.c
2A Beyond Numeracy HW2 02A0soln.txt 02A0soln.c
2B Printing a Calendar   02B0soln.txt 02B0soln.c
2C Rounding a Floating Point Value (Extra Credit)   02C0soln.txt 02C0soln.c
3A Resistor Color Code HW3 03A0soln.txt 03A0soln.c
3B The Monty Hall Problem   03B0soln.txt 03B0soln.c
4A Digitwise Math HW4 04A0soln.txt 04A0soln.c
4B The Game of Life   04B0soln.txt 04B0soln.c
4C The Game of Life Condensed (FYI - not assigned)   N/A 04C0soln.c
5A Railroad Stack HW5 05A0soln.txt 05A0soln.c
5B Magic Squares   05B0soln.txt 05B0soln.c
6A Assignment Statement Parser HW6 06A0soln.txt 06A0soln.c
6B Tic-Tac-Toe   06B0soln.txt 06B0soln.c
6C Disappearing String (Extra Credit)   N/A 06C0soln.c
7A BMP Color to B&W HW7 07A0soln.txt 07A0soln.c
7B Large Dynamic Arrays (Extra Credit)   N/A 07B0soln.c
8A Complex Math HW8 08A0soln.txt 08A0soln.c
8B Extend the BMP program   08B0soln.txt 08B0soln.c
9A The von Koch Snowflake HW9 09A0soln.txt 09A0soln.c
9B The dazzling von Koch Snowflake   09B0soln.txt 09B0soln.c