ECE-1011 - Engineering Problem Solving and C Programming

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Homework #1: Starting Code Source Code

Homework #2: example executable

Homework #3:

Homework #4: example executable example datafile (note that this demo version is slightly different than homework version)


Homework #1: source executable

Homework #2: source executable

Homework #3: source executable

Homework #4: source executable MODEL.dat AIRCRAFT.dat FLIGHT.dat 

(Note: The above are just example *.dat files - modify/create your own to test various conditions)

Homework #5: source starter code executable

(Note: Unlike previous executables, this one does not represent an example of what you should be working towards - this one has a manual play feature that allows you to play the Monty Hall game as an actual player to get a feel for the flow and rules of the game. It also suppresses the actual results - so as not to reveal the actual probabilities - unless you know the passcode that it asks for. This code will be posted after the assignment is due. Also, note that this is a demo program and that it does very little error checking on your input. So you can select door 32 if you want. The results then become rather meaningless, but feel free to play around).

Homework #6: source executable ROCKET.dat (Version 6.3 uploaded on 14 Mar 03)

Note: Until after the due date, the source file above contains everything from from the solution, including main() except for the support functions. Of course, the support functions do all the work, but this should give you some ideas on how you might partition the problem. Notice that the main() has fewer than 20 lines of executable code. The same is true of all of the support functions - in fact most have ten or less.

Homework #7&8: source circuit.dat

This is an example data file that conforms to the format specified in the project. Note that, unlike previous homeworks, there isn't going to be any example executable or starter source code - this is the last homework assignment in the course and it is important that you learn to go through the entire problem solving process without these crutches to fall back on. The same can be said for the data file - the format is spelled out in the homework assignment. However, because there was a typo in the description of the format, it's not unreasonable to go ahead and give you an example data file.


Etter and Ingber, Engineering Problem Solving with C, 2nd Ed., 2000.

Errata for 2nd Edition: 2nd Printing  1st Printing


Section 1: Meets Monday/Wednesday from 4:30pm to 7:05pm in DWIR 135. Instructor: William L. Bahn

As a general rule, we will move to ENGR 233 (the PC lab) midway through Wednesday's class.


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