256 Byte Club

There are a number of contests - both formal and informal - where people try to develop the most "bang for the byte". While each competition has its own rules, commonly the contestants are required to perform some task with a very restrictive limit on the final size of their program. The task is frequently graphical in nature and a typical restriction is 256 bytes (hence the name of this page) or 1024 bytes.

Consider that the above paragraph requires 441 bytes just to represent all of the characters in it and you get a sense for how restrictive 256 bytes is!

Below is a sample of executables from some of these contests. All of these are virus free.

Name Size (bytes) Description/Comments
xmas.com 308 Fractal Trees and Falling Snow with sound - pretty chintzy.
meryxmas.com 256 Faster version of above - but still pretty chintzy.
octdemo 1024 Lots of stuff packed into a 1K executable.
yew.com 236 Very elegant visual effect - you can really a sense for the depth.
xmaspong.com 256 Bold graphics.
kfrns256.com 250 It's ragged with bad sync problems, but it's under 256 bytes.
kfrns257.com 260 An extra 10 bytes to get it sync'ed up.
kfrinal.com 262 An extra 2 bytes gets a lot more color.
oxlpka.com 256 Backlit clouds? Looks simple, but the shadow generation is quite a trick in 256 bytes.