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Principles of Computer Science

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The weight of each problem within an assignment establishes it's weight relative to the other problems within the assignment. As a rule, problems assigned in LiveLab will each be weighted as 10pt and most homework assignments will consist solely of a collection of LiveLab problems. So if an assignment has 5 LiveLab problems, each will (normally) be worth 20% of that assignment's grade.


At the end of the course, the assignment with the lowest (percentage) grade will be dropped and the remaining assignments will be equally weighted in determining the homework portion of your course grade. The assignment that was dropped will contribute to your extra credit grade.


LiveLab assignments are due at 8am on the Due Date. No credit will be given for late submissions.


The links in the HW column below are the Instructor's Solutions.


SHADED exercises are optional -- they are assigned in LiveLab so that you may submit and test them, but they will not be included in the homework grade.


HW Chap Ex Tag
17 JUN
01 01 Display three messages
03 Display a pattern
05 Compute expressions
07 Approximate pi
11 Population projection
13 Algebra: solve 2 x 2 linear equations
22 JUN
02 01 Convert Celsius to Fahrenheit
13 Financial application: compound value
15 Geometry: distance of two points
19 Geometry: area of a triangle
21 Financial application: calculate future investment value
03 01 Algebra: solve quadratic equation
03 Algebra: solve 2x2 linear equations
05 Find future dates
09 Business: check ISBN-10
19 Compute the perimeter of a triangle
21 Science: Day of the week
29 JUN
04 05 Geometry: area of a regular polygon
11 Decimal to hex
13 Vowel or consonant?
19 Business: check ISBN-10
21 Check SSN
05 01 Count positive and negative numbers and compute the average of numbers
19 Display numbers in a pyramid pattern
21 Financial application: compare loans with various interest rates
23 Demonstrate cancellation errors
33 Perfect number
37 Decimal to binary
41 Occurrence of max numbers
29 JUN
06 01 Math: pentagonal numbers
03 Palindrome integer
05 Sort three numbers
19 The MyTriangle Class
27 Emirp
29 Twin Primes
31 Financial: credit card validation
37 Format an integer
06 JUL
18 03 Compute greatest common divisor using recursion
05 Sum series
07 Fibonacci series
09 Print the characters in a string reversely
21 Decimal to binary
23 Binary to decimal
13 JUL
07 03 Count occurrence of numbers
05 Print distinct numbers
09 Find the smallest element
23 Game: locker puzzle
08 01 Sum elements column by column
11 Game: nine heads and tails
23 Game: find the flipped cell
20 JUL
09 09 Geometry: n-sided regular polygon
11 Algebra: 2 x 2 linear equations
13 The Location class
10 05 Displaying the prime factors
15 Geometry: the bounding rectangle
17 Square numbers
21 Divisible by 5 or 6
27 JUL
11 01 The Triangle class
09 Largest rows and columns
11 Sort ArrayList
13 Remove duplicates
15 Area of a convex polygon
17 Algebra: perfect square
27 JUL
13 01 Triangle class
03 Sort ArrayList
17 Math: The Complex class
21 Algebra: vertex form equations
03 AUG
12 03 ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException
05 IllegalTriangleException
21 Data sorted?
25 Process large dataset
27 Replace words
03 AUG
17 03 Sum all the integers in a binary data file
15 Decrypt files
17 BitOutputStream
19 View hex


Assignment Description Solutions
QZ01 In-class Quiz #1 QZ01
QZ02 In-class Quiz #2 QZ02
QZ03 In-class Quiz #3 QZ03
QZ04 In-class Quiz #4 QZ04
QZ05 In-class Quiz #5 QZ05
QZ06 In-class Quiz #6 QZ06
QZ07 In-class Quiz #7 QZ07
QZ08 In-class Quiz #8 QZ08
QZ09 In-class Quiz #9 QZ09
QZ10 In-class Quiz #10 QZ10
QZ11 In-class Quiz #11 QZ11
QZ12 In-class Quiz #12 QZ12


Assignment Description Solutions
EX01 Exam #1 EX01
EX02 Exam #2 EX02
EX03 Exam #3 EX03
FE01 Final Exam FE01