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These are pictures of the upper level of the house. This level contains three bedrooms, two bathrooms, the utility room, and a loft area just off the stairs. The interior entrance to the garage is also on this level. This level is at garden level in the back while the front of this level is more than half a story above grade.

Appraisal Photographs

Closing Day Photographs

The Move

The upper level has a loft area that, hopefully will be suitable for our "home theater", more correctly described as "TV hanging on a wall".

Since the TV I have been watching is a 19" set that I bought used back in 1993, I figured it was time to splurge a little bit and get a nice TV (that we will probably use for the next 15 years or so). I looked at large screen flat panel LCD sets for quite a while (the better part of a year) and there were really only two sets that struck me as acceptable -- the Sharp Aquios and the Sony Bravia. Of the two, I finally decided that I liked the Bravia a bit better. The waiting paid off because during that time the costs on 52" sets came down quite a bit, so I decided to go ahead and take the plunge and got a Sony Bravia V-Series.

I have not watched much TV for a couple of decades and any time I do see any of it I conclude that I haven't been missing much. The few shows that I do have an interest in I go ahead and buy the entire series each year in a boxed set and watch them that way, which I find much more enjoyable since I can really immerse myself in the show, don't have to deal with the commercials, can watch parts over again if I miss something, can watch them around my schedule, and can take advantage of the special features that are usually included.

But my point is that I don't want us to become a typical American family whose lives end up revolving around the boob tube. So I want us to have one area of the house that is set up specifically for enjoying television and videos and I don't want that area to be the main focus of the house or of where we spend the bulk of our time. I don't want TV's in the bedrooms, either ours or the kids' -- of course, Phoebe will certainly have her own ideas on that (and many other) points and so we will need to work out a compromise that we can both live with.

I don't know if the loft area is going to work as the TV area -- it is nicely situated, but may simply not be large enough. But we'll give it a try. The first step was to mount the TV to the wall. The obvious place was on the angled wall in the corner but I had to build a standoff to accommodate the large TV. That was pretty easy, but it took me quite a while because I brought up tools (or bought them) as well as bought the materials as I went. So a given trip to the house might result in very little getting accomplished. But the end result seems pretty good -- and I don't think that TV is going anywhere. The stand off all gives me a good place to mount the power center for it. I plan to build a nice shelf above the TV for the rest of the components, since that will put them out of the reach of a two-year old.

Since I was not selling the old house at the same time that I was buying the new house, I figured that I could make a well-planned move. By this I mean that I only wanted to move things up to the new house that I absolutely definitely wanted to keep. The plan was to sell, give, or throw away everything else. I figured this was a pipe dream from the beginning, so I wasn't too surprised when it fell apart as my procrastination resulted in me finally needing to get my act together and actually move.