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These are pictures of the main level of the house. This level is completely open with a high, vaulted ceiling. The main entrance to the house is in the southeast corner of this level and comes in from the large deck. The eastern wall also contains a very large window that overlooks the deck. Meanwhile, the northeast corner contains the kitchen area which is separated from the rest of the level by a fixed island. Between the door and the kitchen, on the east side, are the stairs going to both the upper and lower levels. The western half of this level is essentially a "great room". The western wall is angled outward in the center by about four feet and has large windows covering most it from floor to ceiling. A freestanding wood stove is located at the apex of this wall. The westAt the back of the level in the northeast corner is the kitchen area. shots of the exterior of the house as well as the property in general

Appraisal Photographs

Closing Day Photographs

Initial Furnishing - Faux Deck!

The first "event" at the new house was a cook-out with Kay, Leemon Baird, Tom Eggers, and myself. The primary excuse was to celebrate Kay's 65th birthday with a secondary excuse of helping Leemon assemble his "cupcake" 3-D printing machine. Not to miss an opportunity for some free slave labor, part of the price of admission was to help assemble the patio table and chairs, which Leemon and Tom did with commendable skill. Because the weather was spotty -- it was raining on and off -- we decided to eat indoors. Of course, there is still no real furniture in the house, so the only available options were the floor or the patio table and since the patio table was already in the living room where it was assembled....

The Move

Naturally, the main level becomes the catch-all during the moving process. But I learned a valuable lesson after my last two moves when the living room became a warehouse stacked with boxed that I dutifully walked around for a couple of years. Not going to happen this time. So I am being pretty diligent about getting stuff out of the living room in short order and, for the most part, have done a pretty good job.

The first transient use of the kitchen space was as a holding space for for all of our wedding album stuff. Quickly thereafter came the thirteen boxes stacked against the wall in the dining area. Then came (nearly) all of my textbooks while really put the structural integrity of the kitchen island to the test. The books got taken care of first once the bookshelves in the basement were finished and everything else migrated down to the lower level once the shelving units were up and ready.