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These are pictures of the lower level of the house. This level is almost completely unfinished. A large and rather nice bathroom is located in the southwest corner and a pantry has been mostly finished in the southeast corner. The gas, water, and sewer connections for a kitchen area have been roughed in along the south side of the east wall. Apparently the intent by a prior owner was to make this level a one-level self-contained living area for an aging parent -- something that we may still choose to complete. While the east side of this level is completely below grade, the west side is slightly above grade. There are two windows in the northwest corner

Appraisal Photographs

Closing Day Photographs

Moving-In Photographs

The unfinished lower level of the house is going to initially be devoted to Dynasys as the principal workshop area, meaning that this is where I will set up most of the fabrication tools and facilities. It is also where I will keep the majority of stock materials, supplies, and surplus items. The idea is to keep the basement level, which will be the primary business area for Dynasys, as clear and clutter-free as possible. So the first step in setting up the workshop area is to get the storage situation squared away. The first step in this process is to build adequate shelving along the walls. To keep the cost down, the shelves are build from framing lumber and cheap sheeting. I would normally have used 8'x4'x7/16"composition board, which costs $6.40, ripped in three pieces. However, The Home Depot was getting rid of 22 pieces of 8'x2'x3/8" particle board for $0.50/each, so I bought all of it.

To make construction easy, and also more uniform, I made a simple set of jigs to build the shelves up on that works very well. I also mounted the shelf rests on all of the uprights at the same time to get them uniform. The result is that a marble will sit stationary in most places on most of the shelves.


My original plan was to build two banks of shelves, move the stuff from the similar shelves in the old house onto them, then move the old shelves to the new house giving me four banks. However, after building the first two banks and putting all of the stuff onto them that was already at the new house, which included a lot of stuff from BFE, they are nearly full, especially if I want to keep stuff off the floor (which I do). The shelves at the old house are packed full, including the floor (which wasn't a big deal since it was carpeted). In addition, I have other jury rigged shelves around the rest of the basement with probably an equivalent amount of stuff on them, perhaps a bit more. So I think I am going to need six banks of shelves. However, I want to really reduce the amount of stuff that I keep -- in fact I would like to keep no more than two banks (preferably one), when all is said and done. So I don't really want to build a lot more shelves than I will eventually need. Hence, I think I am going to build the next two banks with five shelves spaced just far enough apart to hold the storage boxes that I have. In order to keep stuff off the floor but not waste too much space, I'm going to place the lowest shelf just far enough off the floor to accommodate one box in case that becomes necessary.. I think I will then combine the old shelves into a single bank having six shelves. I may put those up out in the garage -- haven't decided yet.