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These are pictures of the exterior of the house as well as the property in general. The house sits pretty much aligned with the cardinal directions of the compass and is oriented with the front of the house looking westward. The house sits on a steep slope such that the ground rises approximately two-and-a-half stories from the front to the back. All portions of the house, except the garage, are two stories tall with the back portion offset a half-story higher than the front. The back portions of the house are approximately 1005 square feet each while the front portions are approximately 620 square feet each, yielding a total square footage, not counting the garage, of about 3250 square feet. The garage, which sits on the south side of the house and opens southward, is roughly another 600 square feet. The deck, which sits in the corner formed by the south side of the main level and the west side of the garage, is roughly 420 square feet.

Appraisal Photographs

Closing Day Photographs

Considering Some Options

Like most people that buy a house, one of the first things that I did was start thinking about how I would like to change it!

This house is certainly big enough to meet our foreseeable needs and so there is no pressing need to change anything. None-the-less, there are both things that I would like to do to correct some minor deficiencies and also things that would really add to the enjoyability of the house.

Most of the deficiencies have to do with the garage and driveway.

The rest of the items are all enhancements, both minor and major, that could really add to the property.