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DFCS Firstie Dining Out

O'Malley's Steakhouse

21 March 2009 

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Each year the Department of Computer Science hosts a Dining Out for the Firstie Cadets (i.e., 1st degree cadets, more commonly known as 'seniors')during dead week (the week leading up to graduation). For several years this has been held at O'Malley's, a steakhouse and pub in Palmer Lake. It's a very informal affair. Normally we meet out on the deck and visit for a while before moving to the upstairs room. This year, we had to settle for a smaller room downstairs. The turnout this year seemed light, both on the cadet and the faculty side -- but this was a good thing as the room was quite crowded anyway. The cadets are encouraged to bring their "significant others" if possible. Part of the tradition is that the faculty purchases the first beverage for each cadet. At O'Malley's you cook your own steak over a large indoor grill. The food is nothing fancy, but generally pretty good.

Usually the faculty and cadets are pretty thoroughly intermingled at this event, but this year the cadets were all at one table. None-the-less, there was still a fair amount of interaction, probably because the space was so cramped. All-in-all, a pleasant evening.