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This is just a quick page with links to the various documents that we have been sent.


This is the basic rules for Falcon Concessionaires.

This is a ten page document of which the final page is a 30-question fill-in-the-blank test. Each person is to print out the test, complete it (be sure to fill in Name and Date at the top), and turn it in to the Stand Manager (aka, Senior Member in Charge) upon arrival on game day.


If you have Word, you can fill in the test electronically and e-mail to the Senior Member in Charge. Please do this if possible, but also print out and bring in the completed test on game day as a back-up.

This is the basic cash handling procedures for the Stand Manager of each concession stand.

Each person must be issued a credential. The Senior Member in Charge must complete this Excel sheet by entering each individual's name. The Vendor is "Civil Air Patrol". The remaining columns are for use by the people we turn the form into.


Check List

Each person that is working concessions MUST have:

Everyone must arrive at the concession four hours prior to game time (so 8am!). The Stand Manager must arrive five hours prior (7am).


Everyone is to park in LOT 1 and walk up to Gate 9. The tailgate is in LOT 2A SPACE 29.

E-mail from Concessions people:


Hey Everybody,

Just sending you a quick reminder about the information that is needed by tomorrow, 2 September 2009. I would like a call from each one of you letting me know that you received this email. Leave a message.

I understand you are the POC for Air Patrol. Please call Sabrina if you have any questions.


Return the credential form filled out with names of people working this game.  Food handler’s tests are required annually. Send test page only.

Credentials will be issued this week as soon as you send in your name list TYPED on the credential form attached.


5 September  kick-off  is at 12:00

Stand Managers – 5 hours prior to kick-off, meet in MAIN Office under Press Box with Sabrina to pick-up book, inventories and last minute instructions. Go thru Gate 9 and everyone must sign in.


ALL  others 4 hours prior to kick-off.  Gate 9, park in Lot 1 at the bottom of hill and walk up to Gate 9.


Authorization for Cash Cage – need to know who is authorized to pick up the change funds each game morning.


1.       Each person will need a picture ID

2.       Know your locations –

Drink Station 2 (Middle level North end)

Drink Station 6 (middle level south end)

3.       Read attachment for cash handling, make sure money people know these procedures, if you have any questions, call and ask.

4.       Deposit bags are marked and in 3 ring binder with inventory information, use the correct bags for each turn-in.

5.       Final deposits will be brought up by you in deposit bags ASAP. Before clean up is done.


If you cannot open any of these attachments call me or send me a fax #. It is very important that you check this today.



Cora Caron, ADSC

Food and Beverage Operation

Field House #: 719-333-3319 (M-F, 0830-1630)

Falcon Stadium # 719-333-6969 (game days only)

Fax: 719-333-9718